The Rotary Club welcomed Corlaine Gardener to our meeting today.  Corlaine has been a key figure in the local Grasslands Naturalists, and one of the long time employees of the Police Point Park Interpretive Center.
Corlaine spoke first about the wonderful parks and trails system that the City of Medicine Hat enjoys.  It is the legacy of the location of the City and some visionary work by our forebearers, who recognized the opportunities that the river valley and the coulee system presented.  The topography of the community may present challenges to driving in the winter, but does offer some wonderful walks.
Corlaine reviewed some of the history of the River Valley Trail system and the evolution of the Outdoor Recreation group.  She spoke about the takeover of the Police Point Interpretive Center by the Grasslands Naturalists, on a contract with the City.  It is a pleasant place to enjoy our prairie environment.  She was employed there from 1995 thru 2022, and it was a great place to work.  Everyone who visits is happy and engaged.
She spoke about building connections in the community and those can lead to some common goals.  She also spoke about the exhibits that the Interpretive Center hosts, particularly the current annual event featuring high school student art, which is always inspiring.
She provided some literature for those present to take home, and encouraged everyone to check out the website for the Nature Center at  and the local Birding Trail guide, available at