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Every year, the Rotary Club holds a cash raffle in support of the Rotary Music Festival.  Tickets for the 2023 Raffle are now available from Rotarians and online.  This raffle is the Rotary Clubs primary support mechanism for the Music Festival, which is in its 67 year.  Please consider purchasing a ticket (or two!!) to help us keep the Festival growing.
The website for online ticket purchases can be found at https://www.zeffy.com/en-CA/ticketing/63a3f617-fe73-44ad-9913-d0296da68041 or by scanning the QR code below.  Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far!!
The Rotary Club welcomed Corlaine Gardener to our meeting today.  Corlaine has been a key figure in the local Grasslands Naturalists, and one of the long time employees of the Police Point Park Interpretive Center.
Corlaine spoke first about the wonderful parks and trails system that the City of Medicine Hat enjoys.  It is the legacy of the location of the City and some visionary work by our forebearers, who recognized the opportunities that the river valley and the coulee system presented.  The topography of the community may present challenges to driving in the winter, but does offer some wonderful walks.
Corlaine reviewed some of the history of the River Valley Trail system and the evolution of the Outdoor Recreation group.  She spoke about the takeover of the Police Point Interpretive Center by the Grasslands Naturalists, on a contract with the City.  It is a pleasant place to enjoy our prairie environment.  She was employed there from 1995 thru 2022, and it was a great place to work.  Everyone who visits is happy and engaged.
She spoke about building connections in the community and those can lead to some common goals.  She also spoke about the exhibits that the Interpretive Center hosts, particularly the current annual event featuring high school student art, which is always inspiring.
She provided some literature for those present to take home, and encouraged everyone to check out the website for the Nature Center at http://natureline.info  and the local Birding Trail guide, available at http://grasslands-naturalists.org/birding
The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat visited the Unison for Generations 50+ Veiner Center on Monday 23 January 2023.
The Veiner Centre is located on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, sharing the geographical area with many peace-loving deer, who entertain and delight those who go to the Veiner Centre.
A short history:
The Veiner Centre was built in 1975 on land donated by Mayor Harry Veiner. It was a multi-purpose social service and cultural drop-in and information facility, available to all residents more than 50 years of age.
Fast forward
The City of Medicine Hat believed that a non-profit organization would have more flexibility in operating the Centre, so requested proposals.
Kerby Centre was successful in getting the contract in 2021 – the Kirby Centre in Calgary having been operating for 50 years.
Expansion followed
Unison, Generations 50+ is an evolution of both Calgary and Medicine Hat programs. It is the ‘mother body’ under which the Calgary and Medicine Hat programs now operate.
The Unison website will soon be available: www.UnisonAlberta.com.
Staff and volunteers
We experienced the staff at the Veiner Centre (about 15, including kitchen staff) as welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable, and so enthusiastic about what they do!
There are many volunteers, who help in a variety of ways, some of whom include members of our Rotary Club. And the Centre is always looking for additional volunteers!
What does Veiner Centre aim to do?
Unison at Veiner Centre wants to support the well-being of Medicine Hat seniors by serving as a central hub for connection, community programs and services, and essential healthy aging information.
How much does membership cost?
Membership options range from $25 (6-months general) to $200 (FitPlus one year).
There is a wide range of activities, something for everyone. A monthly program is put together, setting out activities at both the Veiner Centre and Strathcona Centre.
Twenty-five options from which to choose, ranging from Chess, to darts, to scrabble, to billiards, to any number of card games, to bingo and an art studio – all designed to help older people stay mentally and physically active.
Take your pick from pickleball, table tennis, yoga, line dancing, walking… and more!
These include an income tax clinic, Medicine Hat Family Services, community computers and a lending library.
Meals-on-wheels operates from the Veiner Centre. It is a FCSS subsidized program, for those who are unable to prepare or obtain a meal for themselves. It is based on need, not income.
The Bistro is open daily, with a small breakfast fare, lunch specials and supper on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
Sadly, elder abuse is a reality in Medicine Hat. A case manager supports those who have experienced or are at risk of elder abuse.
Mental health is vital to physical health and a healthy mind. One can join a singer and songwriter circle; scrapbook fanatics; a book club; live bands; a Parkinson’s Support Group; and Alzheimer’s Support Group.
Tune in, and take in Tech support, monthly movies, pet therapy, rock painting and more!
… there’s Wellness Services, Food Security Services, and Transportation Services.
We left the Veiner Centre feeling informed and inspired.  Some Rotarians are already members and volunteers. An additional number took the plunge and applied to become members before leaving!
If you are 50+, do consider joining and volunteering - the opportunities for enrichment are endless.
This is a Medicine Hat resource with very capable, open-minded leadership, that all living in this wonderful city of ours, need to support, utilize, and appreciate!
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